Skills Required to Practice Mindfulness

Open mind:

Be open to the newness of each experience. Remember that every moment is a new moment.


Don't put labels or interpretations on yourself or others. Focus on what is, not on what ‘should' be.


Focus on what works. Use skills to deal effectively with the situation. Don't get stuck in wishing things were different.

Patiently :

Accept the moment as it is and wait for it to unfold as it does.


Trust your own experience. There is no ‘right' response, no ‘right' way to feel.


Practice just being with what is. Stay with the moment as it is. Don't reach for something different.

With Acceptance:

Take stock of things as they are, and practice accepting. Acceptance is not the same as being passive or approving of something.

Letting Go:

Once you have observed the moment, let it go. Don't get drawn into momentary thoughts and emotions. Notice their pull, but then let them go.