Using it

Practicing Mindfulness

Observing your breath

While sitting, kneeling or lying down on your back, relax the muscles of your face and shoulders. Become aware of your breath as it comes in and out. Notice all aspects: how it feels in your nostrils, your throat, your lungs, your stomach. Notice your chest expand and contract. Practice this any time, any place.

Deepening the Breath

While sitting, kneeling or lying down on your back, pay attention to your breath, coming in and out. At first observe it just as it is, without trying to control it. In and out. Then, on an in-breath, consciously breathe a bit more in at the end, taking in a little extra air. As you breathe out, breathe out a little extra air at the end. This extends the breath and allows more oxygen to circulate in your body. Be sure not to over extend yourself. Be mindful not to get light-headed. If you do, allow your breath to return to normal.

Observing your breath as you walk

As you are walking, pay attention to your breath. First, just observe it. Is it slow or fast, light or deep? Gradually deepen and lengthen it as you walk. Notice how deeply you can feel the breath in your chest, how warm or cool the air feels as it comes in and out of your nose or mouth.

Following your breath through your body / body awareness

While sitting or lying on your back, pay attention to your breath. Coming in and out. As you breathe in, breathe deeply into every part of your body. Follow your breath into your lungs, and imagine it gradually going beyond your lungs into the rest of your body. Follow it into your abdomen; into your legs, your feet, and into your toes; into your arms and the tips of your fingers; into your neck and the top of your head.

Use these simple practices anywhere, even for a few moments. Begin to feel what it is like to be more and more awake, fully present, mindful.