The Wizard of Oz: Online Resources

Welcome to a collection of resources on the Web related to the Wizard of Oz and to the author L. Frank Baum. If you should find any additional sites that belong here or if any of these sites are inactive, please contact me - my email link is below - thanks, Dr. Selia Karsten
Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website
a huge site with many resources
Warner Brothers Official Film Site
photo gallery, newsletter, boutique, etc.
International Wizard of Oz Club Forum - a place to discuss the Wizard of Oz
Project Gutenberg
online version of the book
Wizard of Oz Film Review
in depth review by Tim Dirks
Munchkin Country - a site about Munchkinland
online version of Wizard of Oz
Free ebooks by Baum
List of Oz books
Wizard of Oz: An American Fairytale
Library of Congress Exhibition
Wonder Behind the Wizard of Oz  Wizard of Oz costumes
Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Parable on Populism
an article by Henry M. Littlefield
Wicked - the wikipedia information site Wizard of Oz sound files - samples of dialogue from the film
Land of Oz Wicked - the musical Wizard of Oz - Essay References
L. Frank Baum Resource -
Urban Legend re Baum's coat -
Biography of L. Frank Baum 
Wikipedia biography with bibliography -
Science Fiction ? Fantasy works: L.Frank Baum - Wizard of Oz:  An American Fairytale

Seven Things You Didn't Know About The Wizard of Oz movie -

Screenplay for the Wizard of Oz
Daily Motion videos of OZ
Oz the Great and Powerful

Follow the Yellow Brick Road - - thanks for this link to Crystal Woods!
The Yellow Brick Road to Utopia - - the Wonderful Wizard of Oz as utopian literature comparing the book to the film

Computers and Drama: a related online essay
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