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About  “Chateau  Suisse” by Marie-Louise Rennicks
I have a very strong connection to the name of my studio “Chateau Suisse” since I was born and raised in Switzerland.  I graduated with a business degree and didn’t get involved with the art aspect of my life until I had my four children. I took folk art painting courses and immediately felt this connection and passion towards art. I enjoy painting on newer pieces of wood or stripping down old furniture, refinishing it and then painting it.

Along the way I became fascinated with stained glass. I find it to be such a versatile medium. You can create anything you like.  It seems there are no limits to this medium. I enjoy creating different colour schemes; from rich, neutral to subdued colours giving an organic look to my work. I recently completed a year of art school where I was fortunate to work with different kinds of media (painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpting, printing etc.) This was a very valuable year for me and I am able to integrate a lot of the media into my current art.

I am happy to accept commissions for art work you want me to create.  I am also available on a limited basis to teach my ways of working to others.  Please contact me.

last update - May 2017