E-Commerce Learning Modules by Dr. Selia Karsten

Module Three: E-Business Issues


In Chapter 11 (pages 332-357),  you are given much to think about in terms of information technology and how it is affecting business. In this module, we take a closer look at the e-commerce phenomenon to better understand how moving a business onto the internet might affect that business.

There may be advantages in having a business on the web. Potential customers can be registered so that data can be gathered that is helpful in knowing the customer better. Affiliations with other organizations and networking to other information may help the business form new supportive business alliances.

Hiring new employees or training may be necessary in order to work effectively with technological demands. Research and Development may need to be beefed up in order to keep up to date. Your online business will want to be putting up new links.  What server technology will be used? Who will do the webmastering? Who will manage the online catalogue of products and services? How will the site be made secure? How will transactions be handled? What distribution channels and delivery systems need to be in place? How will wireless communication affect the business? Keeping up with the Click and Mortar is essential as you'll read in this ZDNet story, JUne 12, 2000.

Resources to Learn more about E-Commerce

E-Commerce Tutorial - from WebMonkey: In just five easy lessons, this tutorial will show you how to generate a realistic e-business plan; create a site design that caters to your online customers; deal with things like credit cards, tax, shipping, and security; and decide whether you should build, buy, or rent an e-commerce solution to manage your site's transactions. You'll also learn how to attract new customers by refining your marketing programs.

E-Commerce in Canada - This site is the virtual focal point for information on Canada's Electronic Commerce Strategy, outlining the various initiatives which are helping make Canada a world leader in the adoption and use of electronic commerce.

CNET Builder: Ten Questions on E-Commerce - Web shopping is only a small part of the e-commerce picture. The term also refers to online stock and bond transactions and buying and downloading software without ever going near a store. In addition, e-commerce includes business-to-business connections that make purchasing easier for big corporations.

The Truth About Shopping Online - A CNET special report on why e-retailers aren't delivering on their promises.

Make Your Customers Love You - This ZDNet article warns that putting up a web store front is only the beginning - businesses need to look at options for keeping customers once they have found the site.


What do you think about these e-business issues that impact organizations?

After each of the following statements, create a response to affirm or contradict that statement. Justify your opinions. Give examples. Look up any words you are not familiar with before answering the question.

1. Digitization is removing the need for human interface.


2. Virtualization renders physical location and proximity irrelevant.


3. Networking enables everything to be outsourced or done through alliances.


4. Knowledge capture or "information flow co-ordination" needs to become a central,
driving core competence.


5. Disintermediation requires new supply lines.

6. Convergence demands a new relationship between marketing and information


7. Organization agility in terms of adaptability to change and fast response becomes the
necessary platform on which to build success.


Go over your answers and make revisions and corrections before clicking on the submit button below. A window will pop up with your answers. Print this page and hand it in or e-mail it to your instructor.


Teacher's Notes

Learning Outcomes:

learners will be able to:
1) discuss issues related to organizations that are involved in e-commerce.
(2) understand elements involved in establishing a business online.
(3) review current news related to businesses and e-commerce.

Suggestions: To enrich or extend this learning activity, you may want to give the following as additional assignments.

Have students monitor an e-commerce e-zine for a specific time period. Listen to oral reports on what stories are being reported at these sites. Assign e-zines from the following list or have students research to find their own e-zine.

E-Commerce News Sites
InternetNews - E-Commerce news E-Commerce Guide
The Standard - Intelligence for the Internet Economy CNet E-Business News (click on e-business)
International E-Commerce Times Internet.com - Internet Industry Portal

NOTE to the editor:

Text Boxes will go after each question as indicated. Answers will be collected and submit button will produce the answers which can be printed off and handed in. (if possible)