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TOPIC: Faculty PD Workshops for Learning Computer Technology

Recruiting all Luddites....Old dogs to learn new tricks - cats can come to class too.
(On the Internet, no one knows if you're a dog or a cat).

Some teachers master complex curricula and have amazing skills, managing a busy family life while carrying a heavy teaching load. Slowly, sometimes reluctantly, they come to a PD workshop to learn about BlackBoard or WebCT or how to scan photos, create a Web page, or many of a variety of computer related activities and programs.

PD participants occasionally show their resistance and perhaps technophobia by falling back on poor student behaviour - eating and drinking in the lab, side-chatting, coming unprepared, coming late, not paying attention, working on grocery lists or catching up on e-mail - I'm sure you could add to the list.

Presentation : WOOF WOOF: Teaching Technology Tricks http://astralsite.com/learn/woof/sld001.htm

PD Workshop Teachers and Participants SURVEY Results: http://www.instantsurvey.com:80/rp?smid=2989971_145265

"The human teacher will not be replaced by technology, but the human teacher may be replaced by the human teacher who knows how to use technology," says Clara Yu, vice-president for languages and director of the language schools at Middlebury College, Vermont.   (Barna, E. (1995). Languages & technology at Middlebury. Liberal Education, 81(3), 16-21.)

Resistance to Innovation: exploration for the more theoretically inclined.

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