Dr. Anne Barry Mulvaney, EdD

Professional Bio.
Anne is a holistic educational consultant, a meditation teacher and psychosynthesis guide.  Until 1997 she was a middle school and  high school teacher of English, Drama, French, Religion and Personal Life Management.  She has taught in two U.S States and three Canadian provinces.

Throughout her career she has devoted  a great deal of time to professional development of herself and others. In British Columbia she was P.D. consultant and workshop leader for her district as well as for the B.C. T.F.  She presented a workshop entitled: “The Teacher is Key” to teachers in the Vernon, B.C. area in Feb. 2002. In 1982 her P.D. pursuits led her to O.I.S.E. in Toronto, where she acquired degrees as  Master(1983) and Doctor of Education.(1994).

 Since retiring from classroom teaching she has pursued a career in a more spiritual vein.  She continues to work with her beloved adols\esects as a retreat facilitator.  She conducts meditation sessions weekly at a masimum security facility for teens.  What started out as a spontaneous experience has turned into a three year (so far) commitment.  The response, especially from troubled young men, has been extremely gratifying.  As Bo Lozoff says: “We are all doing time".

 Anne’s work with adults includes a variety of workshops in spiritual psychology, transformational theater and meditation.  See (Workshops).  She is also available for one-to one sessions as a psychosynthesis guide and meditation teacher.

 Anne’s interests include: getting eight hours sleep daily(ha!), just being alive here/now, meditation, family life, grand-mothering, philosophy and religions, reading and writing, classical music - listening and playing piano, being/networking with people of similar spiritual interests,giving dinner parties, golf, down-hill skiing, canoeing(and sailing, now - in her day dreams).

Anne loves to help people; she is aware of herself as a planetary citizen. Her meditation has led her to see all beings on the planet in One-ness. As John Donne said: “No man is an island!” She loves being in Silence in the grandeur of the Universe, listening to God.

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