Be Happy! Hybrid Teaching Techniques

A Poster Session for Novice and Intermediate Professors

This session is a practical, upbeat approach to hybrid teaching. For the past decade I've successfully incorporated the use of technology in my teaching online, in the computer lab and in the college classroom. I'll share a variety of tips for creative ways of working with hybrid course delivery covering the following questions:

What's on your computer? Do you have what you need? Do you know what technical tools are best? How do you back up important information?  What guides you in collecting and revising your online resources? How can you create and maintain course home pages effectively?  What needs assessment surveys can determine the ability of students to effectively access and use the online content offered? What are the essentials in using a learning management system like BlackBoard to expedite courses? How do you use e-mail with students? Discussion boards? Virtual office hours? Collaboration and team projects? Assessment guidelines? What are valuable ideas for dealing with information management simply and efficiently?

A system for staying organized and on track using technology in teaching is bedrock. Good management skills are a teacher's model for learners in the classroom and on the computer. We'll look at maximizing the use of online resources to enhance teaching expertise and course delivery methods. Tips on how organize a course home page, what resources to provide, which resources to encourage students to create and how to update files efficiently are on the menu.

Happy Hybrid Teaching Stragtegies Slide Show

Dr. Selia Karsten, Professor
Seneca College School of Marketing and eBusiness
April 15, 2005