Successful Hybrid Strategies

A presentation by Dr. Selia Karsten
June 2, 2004

Pioneers in a New Age Conference
Canadian Association for Distance Education (CADE) and the Education Technology Committee of the Association of Colleges of Applied Arts of Ontario (This is IT) 2004 Conference, sponsor this conference and it is hosted by the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies, in collaboration with Glendon College, York University, Keele Campus, Toronto, Ontario.

This presentation highlights teaching strategies for developing and maintaining hybrid courses in the Marketing and Marketing Administration programs in the School of Marketing and eBusiness at Seneca College.

Who is Involved?
Professors Selia Karsten and Tim Richardson have been working with course home pages, online notes and linked resources since the mid-nineties. In delivering courses using a hybrid approach, they have faced major challenges.  Ways of working will be demonstrated. Success stories will hopefully inspire faculty to move their courses further along with integration of their curriculum to web-based teaching and learning materials.

What the presentation is about:
We'd like to help you think about how you can maximize the use of online resources to enhance your teaching expertise and your course delivery methods. Creating an efficient course home page can take a variety of shapes. It can be as easy as using a simple web editor or writing basic HTML code. How you organize the page, what resources you link to, and how frequently you update your files are among the management skills you can model for your learners. Coming up with a system of staying organized and on track is bedrock.

Think about your answers to the following questions....
What's on your computer? Do you have what you need?
Are you interested in creating and maintaining a home page for your courses?
How do you conduct a needs assessment to determine the ability of students to access online content?
How do you back up important information?  What guides you in revising your online resources?
What are the essentials in using a learning management system like BlackBoard to expedite your courses?
How do you use e-mail? What about keeping virtual office hours?
What are keys to dealing with information management simply and efficiently?

We'll share tips about successful ways of getting your computer skills in shape and finding the technical support  you need. We are both pioneers in a new age of teaching and learning and these are among the practical, no-nonsense ideas we'll bring, hoping to add to our arsenal in a discussion about what you are finding works best for you.


Selia's Helpful Handy Slide Show with Dandy Tips
Successful Hybrid Strategies:

Examples for the Slide SHow:
Information Management - Home on the Info Range -
LMS Essentials - examples of eye candy used in MRK5xx -
Course Home Page Design - Course home pages -
Course Resources - Power Point Resources -
Interactivity: Hooking Your Users - Team Website Projects -
Virtual Office Hours - teaching Schedule -
Time Savers - Portfolio criteria marking worksheet -

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