Shiatsu Therapy claims neither to displace conventional medicine nor to cure any bodily ailments.  It constitutes one facet of wholistic and natural approach to alternative medicine.  Since each patient's condition is particular to himself or herself, the degree of success achieved with this therapy is dependent mainly on this characteristic.  Primarily, the release of tension and the creation of deep relaxation of tension and the creation of deep relaxation effected by the treatment sessions gradually strengthens the body's resistance to disease. 

A positive frame of mind and adherence to a suitable nutritional and exercise plan will of course enhance the overall benefits of Shiatsu healing techniques.  By attending to the mind, body and spirit, Shiatsu treatments seek to alleviate pain and discomfort cause by numerous cases of psychosomatic conditions so common today.  Temporary and often permanent relief from pain and discomfort is gained in cases of asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, digestive problems, migraine and tension headaches, gynaecologocial problems, lumbago, whiplash, bursitis, etc. depending upon the severity of the problem. 

One does not need to be ill in order to enjoy  a Shiatsu treatment.  It establishes as well as maintains good health and has no harmful side effects whatsoever. 

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