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Breaking New Ground -  2011 - 2007- 2005 - 2003 - 2001 - Conference for Holistic Educators, OISE/UT
Small World - learning students' languages - a work in progress (2006)
Power Learning - webmistress; update of electronic files. 2nd Canadian Edition - McGraw-Hill Ryerson (2004-05)
This is Marketing (Web Exercises) Thomson Learning Marketing Textbook - winter 2002
New Teacher Induction Site - Toronto Catholic District School Board in 2000-2001.
McGraw Hill Ryerson e-commerce project - summer 2000

Portfolios and Storefronts
Janine Lindgren - Janine's Art Gallery - 2012 (in progress)
chateau-suisse - Marie-Louise Rennick's Art Gallery - 2009
Mel Bellissimo - Mel's portfolio 2006
Ophilia Davis - Ophilia's portfolio 2006
les Chocolats de Genevieve - winter 2004
Seeds from Silence - Anne Mulvaney's Portfolio -  2004
Me and My Shadows - Susan Allen's site - 2004
Connecting with Ourselves - Dave Hunt's site - 2004
Isabella Colalillo Katz -  Isabella's Portfolio 2001
Shiatsu Centre -  2001

PRESENTATIONS for conferences 2006-2018
TCC2018 Worldwide Online Conference: Arts Based Approach to Teaching Technology
TCC2017 Worldwide Online Conference: Holistic Approaches
TCC2015 Worldwide Online Conference: Holistic Approach to Information Technology
TCC2012 Worldwide Online Conference: Creative Crossroads: Learning Partners Collaborate
Holistic Education Conference 2011: Life Gardens
TCC2011 Wordwide Online Conference: Free and Easy
TCC2009 Worldwide Online Conference: Creativity in Collaborative Projects for Learning Partners and Small Groups
TCC2008 Worldwide Online Conference: "Teaching Strategies That Enhance Online Communities"
TCC 2007 Worldwide Online Conference:  "Eureka! A Hybrid Course That’s Pure Gold”
TCC 2006 Worldwide Online Conference: “Practice Makes Perfect: Team Presentation"

PRESENTATIONS for conferences 2005
TCC Worldwide Online Conference: Be Happy: Hybrid Teaching Techniques
International College Teaching and Learning 2005: The Jaguar and Chicken Little: Teaching Using Stories
BlackBoard Conference 2005 - From Brainstorm to Reality Check: A New Course is Born
Holistic Education Conference 2005:Self-Actualizing Stories: The Goldilocks Solution

PRESENTATIONS for conferences 2004
"This is IT" Conference 2004 - Successful Hybrid Strategies (with Professor Tim Richardson)
International College Teaching and Learning 2004 - Rock Star Reality Check for Marketing Students

PRESENTATIONS for conferences 2003
TOHE 2003 - Building Bridges: The “Holistically Focused” meet the “Technically Inclined”
International College Teaching and Learning 2003 - Teacher's Spa and Garden
TCC2003 - Strategies for Success in a Hybrid, Skills–intensive Constructivist Environment\
Holistic Education Conference 2003 - Enhancing Holistic Learning With Computer Technology Gallery

PRESENTATIONS for conferences 2001-02
TOHE 2002 - Designing Curriculum Using Instructional Technology - CTC Program
Holistic Educators Conference - "Soul Work on the Web"
TOHE 2001 (Teaching Online in Higher Education) - "Let's Play: An Arts Based Approach"
International College Teaching and Learning - "Woof Woof: New Technology Tricks for PD Workshops"
Sheridan College: This is IT -"Collaboration: Key to Online Learning"
TCC 2002 (Teaching: Colleges ? Community) - "Start Simply: Mixed Mode Course Delivery"

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